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Little Lockets London - jewellery and accessories that tell your story

Welcome to Little Lockets London and thank you for visiting our shop, we hope you find the perfect something you are looking for.

We are Julie & Jo, sisters from Surrey who have always loved designing and making our own jewellery. We particularly love creating items that will mean something both to the person gifting the piece and to the person receiving it. 

We build our handcrafted gifts using sterling silver, Austrian crystal and our own life experiences. We know that our pieces are gifted to inspire, encourage or sometimes, just to bring comfort. We consider it a privilege that you have chosen us to convey your message and recognise our obligation to ensure that your piece is crafted with the care and attention that your message deserves.

We also both just love sparkles and we have the opportunity to make some fantastic pieces for weddings, parties or just because we're feeling blingy!

Finally, we were inspired to create pet related products and wedding ring bearer collars by two of our furry family members, Hugo the Cockapoo (now demanding extortionate modelling fees in the form of treats) and Eddie the Maine Coon cat (now demanding a sleep in the middle of the work table). 

We are more than happy to customise any piece so that it is unique to you. We offer options for initials, birthstones and different wording (or no wording at all) for each piece. If there is something you would like to add or something you would like that's a little different, please do ask…

Thank you for visiting us! Share your story, share their story, 

With love,
Julie & Jo

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