Gallery - Little Lockets London & London Hound


Variations on a theme - some of our custom orders, and favourite things 

We're very excited to show off our new logo and this brand new gift box!

#LifeInIsolation. We've sent these to some of our friends to let them know we're thinking of them.

Thank you for our 5 Star Review for the Ivory Flower dog collar - "Flowers were so cute! Just enough to look awesome but not too much to bother our pup".

A satisfied customer's photo of a custom order. "Thank you so much, I'm very happy!"

Our top model, Hugo, the sand baby!

Thank you for our 5 Star Review for the Pearl Dog Collar -"I love it a my beautiful sausage dog looks amazing in it. Can't wait for her to wear it at our wedding in December"

My gorgeous Eddie, catching up after the 4.30 am starts.

Rainbow custom order, now a regular feature.

The wonderful Fred, who crossed the rainbow bridge last year. Beautiful boy.

Why not add an engraved heart to our most popular locket. We liked the idea and it is now an optional extra.

Red heart in place of the blue - stunning!

Why stop at one? This looked amazing.

From a PDF we were able to copy and paste her late Father's signature on the card. A wonderful idea from a beautiful client.

Family memorial pin

Legal imprint