Do you know, there are just 33 days till Christmas Day! 

So, the Christmas frenzy is starting.  We've booked a day to go Christmas shopping, to soak up the atmostphere and have the joy (hopefully!) of arriving home with loads of carrier bags of pressies and 25 rolls of wrapping paper balanced precariously somewhere on our person!  After that, it's back to craft fairs and internet shopping, searching for that perfect gift whilst putting our feet up and enjoying a glass of something chilled. 

With internet shopping there is so much to choose from, but it can be a bit overwhelming.  You visit a website and find something that isn't quite right for one person but triggers a great idea for someone else. So you hop to that site where you also see something different again - it can be a bit mind boggling!

However, after years of experiencing both the joy and pain of Christmas online shopping (which we're sure you've shared) we've found that sticking to these golden rules often helps:

1.  Make a list of who you need to buy for but keep it in an editable format such as Word;

2.  Depending on time, choose 2-3 specific people from your list and use your browsing session to concentrate only on them.  

3.  Copy and paste links for potential gifts under their name on the list - limit it to no more than 3-5 choices per person;

4.   If you do see something for someone you're not working on, just copy and paste the link into your editable list and leave it for the day when you are working on their gift.

5.  Check out the sites you've chosen, reviews are great for checking on reliability;

6.  Make a decision.  You've done your research so your list probably contains the perfect gift for that person but you need to act on that. Many sites have longer deliveries for Christmas and these can sometimes be the minimum delivery dates - get in early!

If you follow these golden rules, all will be well and you may even start to enjoy your Christmas shopping - especially when it's all in the comfort of your own home.

To start you off, we are launching our Christmas Selection Box in the next few days. It's full of lovely ideas like our Moon & Stars earrings.  They make a fabulous gift - if you don't decide to keep them for your own Christmas Party...

Happy shopping!


Julie & Jo


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