Making an ivory floral collar

It's always exciting prepping to make a dog collar. Firstly, we gather the flowers and greenery; then gather the ribbons - different widths for different jobs. The most useful carabiner clip is next - to hold those precious rings. Once we've got everything it's time to create. Mostly this is done without interruption - though sometimes Hugo our cockapoo will come in and be useful - like fall asleep on your feet!

Once all the greenery, flowers and ribbons are tied, it's time to select the collar size and lead. Our collars are made in Great Britain using a soft leather - as your pets' comfort is very important to us. We'll position the floral band on the collar with the D ring at the top of the neck and the carabiner for the rings sitting below the jaw. The flowers are comfortably positioned to the side.

Ivory floral collar with rings

Finally time for a Hugo inspection and then ready to be packed and sent out to you!

Collar completed