Jo and I are both sisters and we have a brother in the middle too.  With Mother's Day coming up, we wanted to use this blog to say just how much we love and appreciate both our Mum and Dad. 

We had a wonderful childhood, full of love and support and lots of laughter.  With Mum and Dad, we always came first and there would always be time to stop and listen to our tales of excitement, woe or whatever they may be.

We all have fond memories of Saturday nights, particularly as we all got older and were getting ready to go out with our friends.  Our house was the meeting point and Mum and Dad would be in the kitchen cooking the biggest fry-ups ever, whatever you wanted - bacon sarnie or the full works, there it was!  Then we'd all toddle off and leave them with the washing up...  it's only now you see it.

As we got older and we married, Saturday nights were changed to Sunday lunchtime roast dinners.  Again, friends were invited and most Sundays there were at least 12 people for lunch, often more. 

At Christmas it was the same and you would often count at least 22 people for the day!  Our parents operated on an open-house basis so, if you had nowhere else to go, you were going to them.

They were great grandparents and doted on their grandchildren, offering them the same love and support that they showed us.  

Sadly, we lost Dad 10 years ago and, for Mum, she lost her soulmate.  Mum now has her own health problems and it's sad to see her so lost.

So, we are taking this opportunity to say, appreciate your parents, your Mum and your Dad because, sometimes, all to quickly, life changes.  Let them know you love them, tell Mum how much she means on Mother's Day.  They made you the person you are, so let them know that you are thankful for that gift. 

Happy Mothers Day to Mums everywhere!