These are (to borrow a favourite word at the moment) "unprecedented" times.  There really hasn't been anything similar in our lifetimes.  Just a few short months ago, life was progressing as normal.  Plans were being made for weddings, big birthdays, new babies, holidays and all the things that we look forward to so much in the summer.  Now, with the exception of the babies, everything is on hold.

These are scary times and our hearts go out to the NHS, postal, delivery, shop, utilities and other vital workers who are doing so much to keep us safe and our vital services going.  Truly, thank you for everything you continue to do in what are the hardest of circumstances.

For those of us who have to remain at home, whether we're self-isolating, social distancing or on furlough, the best way through this is to do everything you can to stay safe and to make the most of an opportunity that we will (hopefully!) never be faced with again. How many of us have wished for extra time off from work just to get those niggling jobs done? It's terrible circumstances that have given us this time but perhaps this is a positive we can take from it.

For us, #LifeInLockdown means working hard on our Etsy shop (whilst still social distancing!)  to bring you exciting new items that tell your story.  We're working on small items to provide a treat to cheer you up, to ways to tell someone how much you miss them and, of course, we're still working on our wedding accessories because, believe it or not, those weddings will happen!

So, the only contribution we can make to the current situation is this.  We're offering a 10% discount on all orders over £15 from now until 23 May when you use the code STAYHOME. We hope you will find something to bring joy to you or a loved one.

In the meantime, please, please observe social distancing, stay home and most of all, stay safe. 

Best wishes

Julie & Jo