Well, it's been quite a year so far!

After 10 weeks in Lockdown, it appears that life is, if not returning to normal, beginning to expand beyond our four walls again. 

Lockdown has been a strange time and one when many of us have depended on the kindness of others.  Whether this is for helping us with our shop, a chat on the phone, essential workers like Posties or Delivery Drivers or, of course, those NHS and Care Workers who remain on the front line.

To help you say Thank You, we teamed our beautiful Swarovski and Liberty of London bracelets with Thank You message cards. Choose your message or add words of your own, either way, this may be the perfect way to express your gratitude to that special person.

We know it will be some time before life returns completely to normal but, in the meantime, please stay sensible, stay aware and, most of all, stay safe. 

With love

Julie & Jo